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Tianshi Philippines, Inc.
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Distributor Excellence Commendation in Jakarta

Tianshi Group Co., Ltd. will be holding an Indonesian Excellence Distributor Commendation in Jakarta on October 26, 2003. Mr. Li Jinyuan, the President of Tianshi Group Co., Ltd. and other Leaders of the company will be present and award the Excellent Distributors in Indonesia. We are inviting all the Distributors here in Philippines to join us and attend the ceremony in the beautiful archipelago of Indonesia.

Ceremony Schedule: October 26, 2003

Ceremony Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia

Application Schedule: Oct 14, 2003 Oct 20, 2003

Accommodation: Tianshi Group Co., Ltd will assists in arrangement of accommodations for the Distributors.

* Distributors will shoulder all expenses including plane ticket and hotel expenses.

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